April 14, 2008

Tim Holtz - Grungeboard

Tim Holtz Grungeboard is back in stock at Scrappit!

Grungeboard is one very unique product - if you haven't seen it before, it's very similar to chipboard BUT - and it's a big BUT - it is so much more durable & flexible. You can bend it, ink it, paint it, sand it, emboss it, etc., all without it effecting the structure of the product!

Most popular of the products in stock, seems to be the Grungeboard 'Alphas'! With 9 complete alphabet fonts - that's a whopping 234 letters in total - this is certainly one pack of goodies, that you will return to time and time again.

Also available is the 'Elements' Grungeboard which consists of 94 individual shapes including wings, skulls & crossbones, hinges, scrolls, hearts, stars, keys, label holders and many more.

Infact, here's a close-up view of a Grungeboard hinge that I included on a recent page. It's been inked and had metallic rubons applied to it's surface to really 'age' it, before finishing it off with some 'rustic' looking brads as well!

One of the things I love about Grungeboard is that because it is so flexible, a hinge for example, can become a working part of your page. This hinge, whilst decorative, is actually attached to a section of my page which opens up!

So . . . why not check out the range of Tim Holtz Grungeboard at Scrappit today!

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